Monday, December 30

post christmas smiles

I am so thankful for these people! My new hubby, my sissy, and brother-in-law are all far too cool for me. I mean it! I'm just glad they keep me around for my baked goods, obsession with kittens, and coffee addiction... or in spite of those things. None the less, I could not have loved my time with them more!

Friday, November 22

wedding among the roses reception

Finally, I want to sure a few photos from our receptions at Jane on State Street in Santa Barbara. We could not have asked for better food, friends, and atmosphere to spend a lovely evening celebrating. 

Wednesday, November 20

wedding among the roses part II

As promised more lovely photos from the garden!

Sunday, November 17

wedding among the roses part I

On August 10, 2013 at the Santa Barbara Mission rose garden with more than just a few joyful tears in my eyes I vowed to spend the rest my life fiercely fighting for the heart of my love. I promised to be his biggest fan, to hold his hand always, and never give up. He promised with a sixth grader crack in his voice through tears to love me to the full extent of the phrase "I love you", as God loves the church, to protect, honor and serve. This day will always stand out in my mine. With wonderful people surrounding us we sealed it with a kiss among the roses. Enjoy a few of the photographs taken by Michael and Anna Costa Photography. Many more to come!


Tuesday, November 12

a weekend in instagram

Don't you just love weekends? Nothings better than coffee with the cutest guy I've ever laid eyes on at Elemental Coffee Roaster, some shopping at Collected Threads, The Salvage Room, and so many more, and finishing with pizza and a movie at our home. That's the good stuff.